Balancing Parenthood and Studies with MSMU Online

“I am a mother of two young girls. MSMU Online allowed me to find work/life balance.”

Left to right: Tanya Tran, Admissions Counselor; Helene Woods, A.A  Pre-Health Science ’16; Chris Tsang, Lead Success Coach

A college degree did not come without sacrifices and determination for Helene Woods. She shares with us her experience as a mother and a MSMU Online student.

What did you enjoy most about MSMU Online- why did it fit your lifestyle?

I enjoyed the convenience of MSMU’s Online Pre-Health Science 8 and 16 week course structure.  I also appreciated the student to teacher ratio. MSMU Online low student to teacher ratio allowed for more one-on-one time with my professors. This greatly contributed to my success. When issues came up, my professors were prompt in responding to me via email or Skype. The course syllabus and time lines are formatted for students. They even use a calendar link conveniently linked to your phone or other mobile device, to help you keep track of all your assignments and tests.

MSMU Online made it possible to earn my degree. I am a single mother of two girls and work full time. Without MSMU Online it would not have been possible to earn my degree due to time restraints. In addition to MSMU’s Online convenient online structure, MSMU’s Online affordable tuition made it possible to attend.

What are your goals for the future? 

I made the dean’s list this summer and graduated with a high GPA! MSMU’s Online Pre-Health Science degree helped prepared me for my medical related career. I recently applied to MSMU’s Associate Degree in nursing program and aspire to become a registered nurse. I hope to motivate other students to further their education. If I can do it, they can too!  I cannot envision going anywhere else to further my education. MSMU is home.

What are some misconceptions of earning a degree online?  

Some have the misconception that online course work is easy. Earning a degree online is not easy. MSMU’s Online course content was challenging. MSMU has a reputation to uphold and they pride in providing students a rigorous degree program. The science classes are challenging and in depth, and in many respects as or more challenging than a traditional class setting.

More about Helene:

Helene Woods is a recent graduate of MSMU’s Online A.A Pre-health degree program and has recently applied to MSMU’s on-campus nursing degree program.

If think the MSMU Online Pre-Health degree program may be right for you, learn more here.