Making Study Time Productive


Making Study Time Productive

An essential part of being a productive student is recognizing the kind of environment that is best suited for your ability to focus and for your individual study style. It’s important to make the most of your time and remove any potential barriers that can hinder your productivity. To help, we’ve compiled a list of study tips to help you be the most productive you!

Remove/minimize distractions

Remove/minimize distractions around you. Turn off your cell phone and television, and stay off social media. Remember to short breaks ( 5-10 minutes) when needed. Plan a study time when there is minimal potential for distractions or interference.  Consider downloading a “focus timer” App to your mobile devices to block distractions outside of break time.


Create the right environment and get comfortable

Silence isn’t always golden.  For some, being in an active place like a coffee shop or listening to familiar music can actually help with focus. Explore whether you work best with no, little, or maximum background noise. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting, and be aware of the temperature your body can work in most comfortably.

music study.jpg


Make sure that you are getting enough sleep, and are avoiding “all-nighters.” Your brain needs sleep to recover in order to retain information most effectively. Choose carefully what you do during your relaxation and down time. Relaxing your mind is important during study breaks, but TV, video games and other stimulating activities may not allow you to relax properly. Exercise, on the other hand, is a great thing to do during a break.


Eat Well 

Eating sugary foods can be bad for your concentration. Try eating healthy green foods and avoid junk food. Also, limit your caffeine intake to avoid crashing.

eat well.jpg

Where to Study

At Home 

Many online students opt to study right at home. This is usually the most convenient option for many online students, but it can also be the most distracting. Find a designated spot in your house; free yourself from all disruptions and get down to business!


During your lunch break 

Your lunch break or between appointments is an excellent time to get some extra studying in for your online courses.



If you are the outdoorsy type, online courses allow you to study alfresco. Whether you’re sitting on your deck or at your favorite park, take advantage of the opportunity to get some extra reading done in the sun!


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