Setting a Vision and Mission for MSMU Online

Greetings from the team at MSMU Online! Our faculty and staff are extremely dedicated to the success of our students. We are a caring group of people with unique life experiences.  We also have a wide range of interests that includes traveling, juggling and marathon running! But most importantly, we want you to know that from our Success Coaches to our Admissions and Financial Aid teams, we’ve got you covered.

Our fearless leader, Dr. Lisa Dawley, reviews the “5 Pillars of Distinction” with the Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles Online team.

In February, we held our first annual retreat in Santa Monica, California.  During this day-long event, we discussed important topics, such as the Vision and Mission for our Online Programs, and developed our major goals and objectives for the year.. At MSMU Online the Vision and Mission are big and bold.  We are truly dedicated to our students and helping them become the best version of themselves:

Empowering humanity with accessible, extraordinary education.

Fostering a spirit of service, leadership and digital learning innovation to a global community of scholars.

Misssion Statment.jpg

Michele Starkey, Assistant Provost & Roseanne Bohar, Success Coach
Andrea Romo, Admissions Counselor, Clarissa Valencia, Academic Coordinator and Tanya Tran, Admissions Counselor

Wendy Mathis, Director of Online Admissions

It’s going to be a fantastic year with a lot amazing work to support student and faculty learning. We invite you to join our journey!

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